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Goals of Alta Carta

In nearly every country, there are associations for the collector of playing cards. Therefore, you might ask yourself, what "Alta Carta" is all about. You will find this information on page Goal.

Trade Cards

This is the "other" playing card association that offers the collector the platform to actively trade, sell and buy playing cards. If you want to have a look at the present supply, go to our according pages under Trade.

Research and Gallery

This is our knowledge base. Everybody can participate! Find interesting contributions about playing cards; serious but also fun (humour, cartoons and comics)! In addition, we publish and answer playing card related questions. A more detailed overview is on our Research page.

Collecting Playing Cards

Especially for the beginner (but not only) we compiled a lot about the subject of collecting playing cards. This starts with some basic knowledge, the recognition of the card patterns and other related issues. Further the interested person finds information where to find cards. Also there are some tips what to be aware of when buying cards and how to store them. This you will find under the Collecting pages.

Digitalising of Playing Cards

Unfortunately, the classical playing card faces are becoming less popular. One reason is, that card games are brought to computer screens in a digital form, either through CD, downloads or from poker sites, whereas the Anglo-American Pattern is dominating.
The most frequently played card games on the computer are all variations of solitaire, but also Black Jack and Online Poker. This is where Alta Carta tries to keep the tradition alive to use real playing cards and even collect such regional and traditional playing card patterns.


Are you interested in buying an offered deck? Do you want to sell playing cards yourself, but believe you will not achieve a fair price at an eBay auction? Perhaps you like to trade cards without having any money involved? Or you just believe "Alta Carta" is worth your support. Then choose the link Contact.

Advertising at Alta Carta

Do you want to have an ad at "Alta Carta", perhaps on an own page? It is absolutely irrelevant if you have a commercial enterprise or if you simply want to attract attention. Also in this case do contact us.

Quick Reference / All Playing Card Patterns at one Glance

Under the icon    you find all card patterns at one glance. This symbol can be found on the "Trade" pages in the header line.

Table of Contents

By selecting the symbol    you receive the entire table of contents of the book that was written to the topic of playing cards with links to all corresponding pages. This icon can be found on the "Collecting" pages in the header line.


The symbol    brings you back home; that means this starting page. It can be found on most pages in the header line.

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